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May 23, 2023



Highlands Urgent Care is a division of Treasure Coast Medical Associates, Inc. (TCMA) which operates a variety of health services, including urgent care, primary care, workers compensation, occupational medicine, employee health, emergency physician management, and medical billing. Delivering high-quality healthcare is TCMA’s uppermost objective.

We either provide clinical services directly or partner with hospitals, local governments, and employers to enhance the delivery of quality patient care services. As a physician-owned and managed organization, we have complete control over our policy decisions and implementation of services. Because of our size and highly focused staff, we can work nimbly with to boost patient health, improve healthcare cost efficiency, guard patient safety, and cultivate a stable, cohesive team of first-class clinic providers.

TCMA designs custom solutions that give organizations the healthcare providers, systems and support needed to perform at a higher level, lower their healthcare costs, and improve their patients’ and employees’ health status.